RAY EMERGENCY LIGHTING SYSTEM During a power outage, we depend on our devices to understand what is going on in our area and communicate to loved ones that we’re safe. 

Our growing need for electricity is outpacing the development of the energy grid infastructure in the US and has subsequently led to the rise in power outages.  The number of power outages in the US has doubled every five years and translates to four times more than fifteen years ago. The length of power outage largely depends on the source of a power outage. A grid based power outage can last anywhere from an hour to four hours, while a downed tree can take upwards of 12 hours. 

A number of different solutions exist that generically replace the wall socket, but none are designed to be moved throughout the home, use light, or is something to comfortably gather around.  This is the challenge that RAY seeks to address. 

Stage: Design Concept

CONTROLS are placed on the rear of the unit, in part to disguise them when the lamp is used in daily life. The controls are designed to be tactile in nature to give solid feedback when pressed. Complex controls are broken down to simple language and tactile controls. When you are stressed, you just want something that works. 


CMF The nude palette takes its inspiration from the different natural wood tones and classic hardware found in the home and seeks to create a complimentary color in plastic and metal.

BRAND EXTENSION Beyond the base station for the entire home, a handheld flashlight was developed to explore how the brand family could expand into additional products.