Hydro Flask Growler The system was designed to have both lateral and vertical pouring positions, best in class carry, and pack-ability. By placing the handle as close to the opening as possible, we give more control during the pour. The handle is crafted to be comfortable whether you are walking down to the park, riding a bike around town or hitting the trail miles into the backcountry. 

This growler is your personal sidekick and goes where you go, making the seal and compact design paramount. The handle extends beyond the vessel body, preventing it from rolling down the trail or around in your car and keeping your refreshments carbonated, and your inner taste connoisseur happy. 

THE HANDSHAKE Establishing a relationship with the primary user, but also with the brewmaster was key. The design had to work to present beer at its best. Functionally, this meant keeping the contents cold and pressure maintained, but it was going to be used on a daily basis. In the above photo, the bartender's hand was free and clear from the overflow of beer.   

THE TRANSPORT People bring their growlers with them in the car, backpack, bike and miles into the backcountry. We designed the carry to accommodate different behaviors and still be compact to easily fit in a backpack.

THE POUR The lip of the growler extends past the handle to easily pour from and a spill free lip.  

EARLY CONFIGURATION STUDIES We started with early configuration studies to map out the ideal experience with the end user, and the bartender as well. This guided early conversations with the factory to determine viable options on our timeline. Concepts were then grouped together to form families of the approach to closure and handle configurations.  

We tested concepts the usability and experience with rough models with users and expert beer craftsmen. Ultimately, it proved helpful in highlighting the pros and cons of each design from an outside perspective. 

Several concepts went through rounds of form refinement and working closely with engineering to land on a solution that would ensure the final part would meet design intent. Form work was focused on creating an object that represented the brand: simple, durable, and approachable.

We approached the interaction to be as familiar and comfortable as possible. Originally the cap was over molded to provide the grip, but after testing the cap the durometer had to drop too low to get significant grip and at that stage we were concerned about the longevity over time. Instead, we added grips to the sides and wrapped them up the edge of the cap to provide the grip.