GE DISHWASHER PROGRAM  The kitchen for many families is the neuro-center of the home. Its the place where families gather at least for a single meal and family values are instilled. Consumers loath the chore of loading and unloading their dishwasher, so our goal became to shift the behavior from a task into a rewarding experience. 

DISCOVERY We utilized in-home interviews, user type segmentation, dish loading studies and co-creation to understand a consumers’ ideal dish cleaning experience. Whether you are in Seattle or Tampa, we found there are universal needs and complaints when it comes to dish cleaning.  The insights we gathered were translated into a line of dishwashers with new features aimed at these universal needs. 

We received feedback from consumers about low fidelity models early on about new racking configuration concepts and through several rounds were able to refine our designs. 


The GE brand stretched from the opening price points to the high end of the market. The mid range price point of the dishwashers were selected to focus on ease of loading. The front mounted silverware baskets allowed users to easily add items. 


GE Cafe is the restaurant inspired brand. The main goal of these dishwashers were to accommodate and solve any issues related to difficult items to wash. We included a section of the rack to specifically wash narrow mouth bottles and cycles that focused on heavy pots and pans.             


Monogram represents the highest quality in the GE lineup. This was translated into not just sound deadening, but a dishwasher that focused on materials, better screens, and interior lighting. 

In many ways the things that go unnoticed are the details that demand the most attention. Borrowing techniques from the automotive industry, we created a dishwasher door without any visible fasteners to reduce the amount of cleaning required. 

As appliance designs take on a more subtle overall appearance in the home, we are focusing on a more enhanced consumer experience through touch, sound, and illumination technologies. Harsh beeps and buzzers disrupt normal life and leave users with a less than desired experience. We created sounds that are composed to notify and alert without being a disruption in your daily lives. 

Appliances are built to last over 10 years and at the time of purchase are not thinking of end of life. Over 80% of the components are recyclable, but many times consumers will take it to the junk yard when it no longer works. We went ahead and created an industry first disassembly guide to assist consumers to safely disassemble and recycle the unit and made it available to download online.