Despite the object being simple, we wanted to question what the result would be if a flashlight form took on the quality of the light it gives?

RING A continuous ring is formed from the circular flashlight into the handle creating a curved ergonomic handle.


FLOOD Most flashlights on the market today twist and change the shape of the light from a narrow to wide beam. Few beyond the industrial market are truly wide flood- type lights. The following cone overtly communicates the intended nature of the reflector and lens. The vertical handle enables the form to be stood up for most light.

LASER The laser pointer is a perfect example of the form taking it’s cue from the light source, however the light could be communicated more powerfully by suspending it in a clear plastic flashlight shape. The interior shape is uncompromivsingly rigid and precise while the additional shell is more comfortable to hold.

POWER Other than length, range is difficult to communicate in form. A subtle return on the exterior lip that surrounds the reflector is meant to focus the beam similar to a binocular lens. The reduced diameter that surrounds the neck exaggerates the bell of the reflector and creates a comfortable stopping point for the hand.

DIFFUSE Ambient light has a soft and welcoming quality. The form developed reflected these qualities and warrants a new shape for a flashlight. The exterior has a soft polyurethane material that gives and accomodates for the grip of the user.