COOPER HEWITT PEN The Pen came at a time of great change in the museum's history. The three year renovation project that took place during 2011-2014 transformed the museum from something already special to a place that embraced and encouraged interaction throughout the museum. The designer's most basic tool was then to be translated into a stylus that would help users capture or record ideas and draw and interact with the high def digital displays throughout the space. 

The goal for the Cooper Hewitt Pen was to create a tool that acted as a ticket, a digital stylus and exhibit collector for the visitors of the museum. Eight 4K screens are designed for visitors to draw and learn about design through digital experiences throughout the museum.

SPRINT! Over the course of three days, a team comprised of designers from Cooper Hewitt, Undercurrent and General Electric came together to define bounds of the design. We came to the sprint with some ideas to critique and while some stuck, many were dropped as we learned more about the user and the needs of the museum. 

Make it bullet-proof. The museum visitors range all ages and experience levels with technology and design. We knew the final result had to be easy to use and durable. A large range of prototypes were created to understand balance, tether lengths, manufacturing methods and language that would fit with the museum.